Love without Boundaries with Bukola Ayinde: My Faith & My Child

When I got my daughter’s diagnosis about four years ago, I was afraid and I felt like a disappointment to myself and to God. I felt that one of the proofs that I was in right standing with God was to have perfectly healthy children, without any problem whatsoever. I didn’t want to attend my […]

Love without Boundaries with Bukola Ayinde: Strength For Adversity

My name is Bukola Ayinde and I have a little daughter who has cerebral palsy. Four months after I had her, I noticed she could not lift up her head. Usually babies are able to do this at about four months. I was not concerned because she was my first child (I didn’t know much about babies […]

House of Reps honour crippled beggar turned lawyer, OAU record-breaker

Abdulsalam Kamaldeen, a physically challenged one-time Lagos beggar, has been honoured by the house of representatives for his rare academic feat. 38-year-old Kamaldeen overcame his physical challenge as a crippled beggar to graduate as a lawyer. Femi Gbajabiamila, leader of the House, on Tuesday called for the recognition of Kamaldeen alongside Aarinola Olaiya during a […]