Books by Bukola

Naked and Not Ashamed

Naked And Not Ashamed is a thirty day account of a doting mother’s experiences as she raises her daughter. It is a no-holds-barred narrative that spills it all, in an engaging and thought-provoking manner. Unashamed and uninhibited, the author, Bukola paints different pictures of her challenges while raising her daughter. It is a portrait of a mother’s unwavering love for a child that had been labelled, an offspring that many saw as having little promise.

The mothers who face similar situations will find the journal revealing, refreshing, soothing, resonating with their own life stories and will make it a study manual as they walk through the paths of motherhood. Others will read it and be inspired to cultivate hope even while they have to walk through a valley of thorns. Many will be drawn to the unwavering faith and strength of the author as she takes them through the pages of her family life. There are lessons to be learnt, models to emulate, actions to be taken and an overall message for humanity.

Peter is Different

Ten year old Jude has a new classmate called Peter who looks different from everyone else. Peter is an eleven year old boy who has a disability. The Parents’ Association at Maple Preparation School have to decide whether the boy is fit to be in the same school with their children. Peter is determined to go to school and the school principal is caught in-between the warring parties.

My name is Nimi

Nimi is a happy girl. She loves to make friends.  

Nimi also uses a wheelchair because she has cerebral palsy.

She wants her friends to be comfortable around her. She doesn’t want them to think she is strange.

In this exciting book, Nimi tells us things we do not know about her life.

This story teaches children to show love and empathy to other children who are living with disabilities.

Colouring book

A colouring book based on the story, My Name Is Nimi. Short sentences from the storybook suitable for children below the age of four years.

My sister is Special

Lara, a soon to be teenager, has a sister, Lola, who needs a lot of care and attention. Lara feels that her parents do not love her as much as they love Lola. Lara is unhappy about her life. She wants to leave home and stay with her grandma.

Her encounter with her grandma and a girl in an orphanage changes her life forever.

This book tells the story of a young girl struggling to accept the uniqueness of her family needs.

It promises to be thought-provoking and engaging. It will leave you with a grateful heart.