13th of July, 2017

We left Lagos on the 13th of July, 2017. No matter how many times I travel I don’t know if I would ever enjoy being at the airport, especially Nigerian Airport. Each time I get there something would have changed: positively or negatively. Ok this time around, something positive…scanning the luggage at the entrance. Well I must confess that I am a typical Nigerian babe who loves her party jollof rice and ofada sauce. I usually pack a lot of Nigerian foodstuff ranging from locust beans to dry catfish, plantain, blended frozen pepper. It was a relief to see that no customs man was there to open my box and harass me. Let me introduce my family: Nimmy, my lovely daughter who is the reason we are going to Hungary, Pemmy her younger sister, Peace their nanny, L.O.A , my husband and moi, Buky. Three adults and two toddlers. 
As soon as we passed the customs, Pemmy who is three years old started crying for sweet. I took her to the chocolate store only to see that that everything was in dollars. Ok…how do you tell an already crying child that we couldn’t buy the sweet…so I bought an overpriced pack of chocolate and there was peace and quiet. 
The plane ride to Dubai was very hectic. Over seven hours ride from Lagos to Dubai with two toddlers. One very active girl; Pemmy and Nimmy who detest sitting for a long time. Well she didn’t sit on her seat throughout the journey anyway. She sat with her Peace for a while before I took over. Pemmy on the other hand was moving from her seat to every other member of the family.
Well Pemmy is a Nigerian babe who loves her food. After been served one ‘serenre’ to the other, my daughter looked at me and asked for Eba and meat.

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