14th of July, 2017

We arrived Dubai 4:45am, the next day. It was a four hours stopover. Our lounge at Dubai airport was filled with Asians. Very practical people. Everybody was lying down at every corner on the rug. We found an empty roll of chairs with space at back in case you care to lie down. The back was fully blocked by the roll of chairs. Yours truly laid a wrapper on the rug and slept off.
One thing I dread at the airport is having to change Nimmy’s diaper. She can’t stand on her own and she has outgrown the baby changing board. We discovered she had pooed just before an announcement was made for us to move to another lounge to proceed for boarding. People of God, myself and Peace did magic right at the back of that role of chairs. Swiftly we changed her diaper and moved on to proceed for boarding.
The plane was going straight to Budapest. To start with we were the only blacks on the plane. After we boarded and claimed our seats Nimmy decided she had had enough of all the stress for an entire life time and went into complete meltdown. Her body became extremely stiff, she cried and moved her head in all direction. Peace could no longer handle her. The passengers closest to us gave us curious looks. Then I noticed that Peace was also about to have her own meltdown so I asked her to handover Nimmy to me. I took Nimmy and cuddled her. I pecked her several times and sang to her. She calmed down immediately. I told her in a gentle voice that she should please calm down that we were in a plane and we were attracting attention because she was crying. After that Nimmy slept for a long time and we had a peaceful journey. When I handed her over to her Peace four hours later, they had both calmed down and ready to enjoy the remainder of the trip in peace.
We arrived 12:45pm Hungarian time.

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