Day 24 ( 06.08.17) Sunday

The day has finally come; the day I planned on taking the girls to Magrit Island or Margaret Island (for the English.) The most important thing for me and the kids at this place was the Palatinus water park (the largest open-air swimming complex in Budapest. Let me give you a little history. Margaret Island […]

Day 23(05.08.17) Saturday

Earlier in the week, I discussed with one of the conductors (therapist) in Nimmy’s class where I could buy some of the equipment they used for therapy. She advised me to buy some of the parts that may be difficult to get. She advised I check two shops in the same axis. OBI and Praktiker. […]

Day 22 (04.08.17) Friday

Today was Aunty Margaret’s (Wendy’s mum) last day in Budapest . Before coming to Budapest, I had been chatting with her daughter, Wendy, hoping she would come for the program. I met them three years ago when we came to Peto for the first time. They were very nice and welcoming and we became friends, […]

Day 20 ( 02.08.17) Wednesday

At the beginning of the programme, the conductors told the parents that they would arrange for us to meet with the older kids in other groups so we could ask them questions. That was a welcome idea for me but they didn’t mention it again as the time went by. I approached the conductors and […]

Day 19 ( 01.08.17) Tuesday

Grace, grace and more grace for everyone with a loving heart. Today was another day of adventure; Aunty Margaret took Pemmy and I to the souvenir market close to Fovam and Vaci. It’s known as the Central Market Hall; it’s an indoor market. What amazed me most at this market was the way the vendors […]

Day 18 (31.07.17) Monday

Weather forecast says this week maybe the hottest in Budapest this summer. I remembered I said I wasn’t paying for air conditioning and moreover, our room faces the courtyard so it’s cool but when the weather is about to hit 40°ᶜ and above…. Well I have learnt over and over again that to every rule […]

Day 17 (30.07.17) Sunday

What came to my mind today was an image of a tired frog that lay down and said “sorry I can’t today. My sister’s, friend’s mother’s, grandpa’s, brother’s, grandson’s uncle’s fish died and yes, it was tragic. I didn’t want to do anything but stay indoors and rest. After all, I am on holiday. I […]