Day 19 ( 01.08.17) Tuesday

Grace, grace and more grace for everyone with a loving heart.

Today was another day of adventure; Aunty Margaret took Pemmy and I to the souvenir market close to Fovam and Vaci. It’s known as the Central Market Hall; it’s an indoor market. What amazed me most at this market was the way the vendors packed ‘dry pepper’ (which I know, will never be as peppery as Nigerian’s pepper.) To start with, the country doesn’t really have pepper. What they term as pepper (paprika) is bell pepper or sweet pepper. The packaging was very nice that you wouldn’t think it was pepper. Aunty Margaret bought some for her black British friends in England; she said they would love it. I couldn’t imagine buying pepper for anyone back home; we had it in abundance. Different shapes and sizes, some could be so hot that washing it with your bare hands would hurt your hands for days.

As we walked along we came across a band singing Hungarian music. I stopped to listen and take pictures.

Most of the shops on the upper floor sold traditional Hungarian items; tops with Budapest inscribed on them, dolls, scarfs, bags and many more. Aunty Margaret took me to Mr. Henry’s shop, he is a Nigerian. Although he was not around, Aunty Margaret called him and he gave us discounts. I jokingly told her that its friends and family that wouldn’t let businessmen make profit (not like I rejected the discount).

If you ever visit the souvenir market in Budapest, be sure to ask for Mr. Henry, he sure is a good man.

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