On the 6th of July, Diary of A Special Needs Mum organized a program for mums titled Exhale! 

This is a yearly event for mothers who have children with disabilities to come together and be inspired to live successful lives in spite of the challenges life throws their way.

This event held at the upper room Kobis Restaurant with over thirty women in attendance.

The speakers at event spoke from their hearts holding nothing back. They challenged the mothers to be unapologetic in accomplishing their dreams. 

Mrs Enada Yusuf advised special needs mums not to hang their dreams and lose themselves while caring for their special needs children. She also said they should get to the point where they are not running up and down looking for a cure but they should be at peace and understand their kids.

Mrs Feyi Luther Mbanugo adviced special needs mums to be themselves and love themselves and find their own kind of normal. 

Mrs Catherine Abagun challenged us to live our lives in spite of the challenges life brings our way. She emphasised that everyone faces one kind of challenge or the other. She told her story of her search to have a child after nineteen years of marriage and today, she is happily married with an adopted child.

Mrs Abi Longe told us to look beyond the seemingly conspiracy theory that has been used against women rather we should rise to achieve great feats and accomplish financial freedom. 

Mrs Yemi Chukwurah told us how she started her business and grew it into a successful organisation. With boldness and determination she accomplished great feats. She told the mums in the room that they were their children ‘s role models so their financial success or failure is also being acknowledged by their children. 

Mrs Toyin Feibo told the story of how she became a caterer because she wanted to meet her needs. She challenged the mums to live their dreams and fly. 

Mrs Solape Oyinloye encouraged the mums to live healthy lives and she emphasised the importance of detoxification regularly. 

The mothers were all loaded with inspiring words to start the second half of 2019.

Statement of Purpose

Supporting families with children living with disablities

At the beginning of this year, three families with children living with disabilities were supported with N40,000 each. Two mothers used the money as part of school fees while the third mother used the money as part of capital for her business.

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