Day 1 (14.07.17) -Friday

Day 1 (14.07.17) -Friday
Back in Nigeria, we had booked the same hotel we stayed three years ago. My husband could only stay for two weeks as he had to go back to work for month end accounting and reports. The plan was we would stay in the that hotel for two weeks then move to Peto Hotel belonging to Peto Institute( the school Nimmy was to attend) for the next two weeks. Two weeks before our departure to Hungary, Peto hotel wrote to us cancelling all reservations as they said they had decided to close the hotel during the summer. We were very upset but what could we do? We had to pay for a whole month at Corvin Hotel though it was 3 times more expensive than Peto Hotel.
When we eventually got to our hotel room, we spent the whole day unpacking. Thank God for the frozen stew I brought along with me. We ate and slept like logs of wood. 
Later that evening, my hubby and I went to Corvin plaza which was down the road to get a few things that we required.

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