Day 12 (25.07.17) Tuesday night

We got to the boat cruise at 9pm. LOA had studied the map so well so we knew which train to take and also alternative routes, just in case…We couldn’t afford to get stranded before midnight. The long queue we met at the harbor was like none I had seen on this trip. It was so long with three lanes. I asked LOA what we should do if we do not enter the 9:30pm slot for boat ride? He said we should go home. That was the respond I was waiting for; I was dead tired. Yes! we did not enter the boat that was loading but little did I know that there was another boat on standby; we boarded the second boat.

Peace requested that we sit on the lower deck but LOA and I felt it wasn’t really cold so we went up to the upper deck to sit. The night was cool but nothing the children couldn’t cope with, so we thought. When the boat moved, the first gush of wind that hit our faces was a warning; it was cold. Chia! In my mind I felt Peace would be laughing at us and saying, ‘Good! Didn’t I tell them’. Then I remembered my friend whose mum died of pneumonia in Denmark. I humbled myself and turned to LOA and I asked that he checked if there were still spaces below. The scenery at the top of the boat was magnificent but we had to consider Pemmy and Nimmy so LOA checked, he found lots of spaces so we moved downstairs. The lower deck was warm. The windows were locked but they were transparent so one could still see outside but not like sitting at the upper deck.

Truthfully, I was too tired to enjoy anything, what I could see where buildings with lights and bridges with light. If wishes were horses, I wanted to close my eyes and find myself on my bed at Corvin hotel.

After the ride, it was a long journey home and I eventually hit my bed a few minutes to midnight to wake up at 5:30am. Is this really a holiday?


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