This summer when our founder, Bukola Ayinde was searching for a school for her six years old daughter living with cerebral palsy, she realised that there was a lot of ignorance in the school system about inclusive education.

After she got a school that was ready to take her daughter she decided to train the school teachers and their other staff about how they could implement inclusive education.

On the 4th of September, 2019 our orgaisation put together a team of trainers to teach the staff of Brookehouse School on how to implement Inclusive Education.

Some of the topics taught include:

  • Benefits of Inclusion
  • Understanding Inclusion in the classroom
  • Mainstreaming a child with cerebral palsy
  • Understanding Autism in the classroom
  • Promoting disability inclusion in the school
  • Managing parents (with special needs kids) expectations
  • The roles and relationship between shadow teachers and classroom teachers for effective inclusive education in the classroom

The trainers were

  • Bukola Ayinde: Founder, P4:13 Foundation and Diary of a Special Needs Mum Initiave
  • Tobiloba Ajayi: Founder, Let CP Kids Learn Project
  • Adelola Edema: Founder, Autism Gist and a SEN teacher at Children International School, Lekki
  • Temtitope Osoba: Founder, Ri-care helpmate Services

The teachers were delighted as they learnt a lot. Their minds were stretched and they saw possibilities where they had doubts before.

Today, Bukola Ayinde’s daughter is doing extremely well at Brookehouse School and there is massive support for her educational and personal wellbeing.


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