My sunshine, Oluwalonimi is five years old today

My sunshine, Oluwalonimi is five years old today; she has come a long way and I am grateful.

It has been five years of learning and re-learning. Five years of healing and forgiving. It has not been easy but God has been faithful. I have learnt to be happy in spite of my challenges because I realized that happiness is a decision for each of us to make. I have learnt to take baby steps even when I feel tired of everything. I have learnt to trust God at the darkest moments. I have allowed God to birth a ministry out of my pain; to reach out to other mothers who need encouragement and a shoulder to lean on.

Oluwalonimi (God owns me) Oreoluwa (Gift from God)…you came into our lives five years ago and you have succeeded in making us better parents. From your early days in the incubator at the hospital up till today, I have watched your determination to live. I have seen your strength to overcome life’s challenges. You have taught me to see miracles in things that I would normally have taken for granted. You have taught me about faith and believing, and believing. You have taught me not to give up. Without a doubt in my mind, I know that God makes all things beautiful in its time. I celebrate you my dear baby.

Mums who have children developing normally often say they do not know what to say to children (or their parents) who have disability. Some say they feel awkward being around children with disabilities. My simply answer is, ‘just say hi with a smile.’

Be nice to children (and their parents) who have disability, let us not demonise them as our society has done for many generations.

Neurodevelopmental disorder is a medical condition and it is not contagious. If you feel burdened, pray for them. If you want to go the extra mile, learn about the disability and educate others.

To the mum who has a child living with a medical condition or a disability and you feel your life doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s okay to cry but… encourage yourself in the Lord for there lies your hope. Take tiny steps, ask God for daily grace and strength to carry on. He will come through for you just like He did for me.

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