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Starting this journal only came as an idea after a few days in Budapest. I really didn’t have it all planned out but I took it one day at a time, jotting down and taking notes of things that were happening around me. The content of this journal has been written from my perspective, and my perspective alone which maybe limited and at times based on assumptions.

To those who may have found some things annoying or seemingly untrue, to you I say accept my apologies, it was not my intention, I only related the facts as I saw them.

To those who took out time to read every single post and made comments I say thank you. You have given me the opportunity to improve my writing skills (Even though my English teacher was also reading and telling me I still have a long way to go in tiding up my English grammar and writing skills. Madam, Rome was not built in a day, lol).

To the new friends I made on this trip, it was nice meeting you. Hope to see you again.

To my friends and family, what can I say? The Lord has blessed me with loving and caring people.

To my dearest husband, thank you for being a loving and caring husband and father.

To Pepe, my dearest little daughter that loves eba and meat (cooked cassava flakes and beef) thank you for giving me stories to tell. Thank you for being Nimmy’s best friend and demanding sister. I know you can’t wait for her to join you in your play and mischief. Very soon dear, very soon.

To Nimmy, my miracle baby, daily I have watched you improve, I have watched you strive to do the things other kids do. I have seen your pain and at times frustration but I have also seen your smile and excitement. I know God has a plan for your life and I know that the plan is for a glorious end, for one thing I am sure, you will fulfil destiny in grand style.


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