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Currently, I have a lot on my plate. Each day I learn to prioritize; I am still learning. Yes, family comes first but there are days I lock myself in a room to get my job done or to have a ‘me’ time.

Writing a home exercise plan for Nimmy and following up to ensure we daily carry it out is paramount. Consistency, they say in therapy, is everything.

I am currently writing two books and I am hoping to use the funds to start our first therapy and recreation center

I run two non- profit organisations: FLIPP Foundation and P4:13 Foundation (Philippians Four Thirteen Foundation)

P4:13 Foundation is working with a bigger foundation to change the way inclusive education is conducted in Nigeria. Currently Lagos State runs inclusive education in thirty-one public schools. We have chosen one primary school as a pilot run.

P4:13 Foundation is also working with a top media house to change the face of disability management in Nigeria.

On the other hand, FLIPP Foundation’s main focus is to inspire primary school children in slums to cultivate the habit of reading and building good values. Our next program comes up next month- A 2-day leadership programme for children. ‘Catch them early’

If you are interested in supporting FLIPP Foundation, we need help in the following areas

1. Volunteers who are ready to start reading clubs in public primary schools in their local government area

2. Volunteers (head teachers or school proprietress) who are ready to train teachers and mentor them

3. Donation of story books and dictionaries

4. Individuals who are willing to pay school fees for deserving children

School fees are as cheap as N10,000 ($27) per term yet some parents are unable pay. The fees can be paid to the school directly.

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