Day 14 (27.07.17) Thursday

We packed our things into the luggage room and headed for Nimmy’s school. LOA followed us; his flight was for 4pm so he was not really in a hurry to get to the airport. That morning when I saw Wendy’s mum she told me one of the conductors (therapist) at the school was getting married […]

Day 16 (29.07.17) Saturday

What an enjoyable morning. We were not in a hurry to leave the house; we all slept in. I had decided to go for the wedding. Who knows, I may never get another opportunity to attend an Hungarian wedding. Have you ever packed for a trip and you looked at some clothes and you thought […]

Day 15 (28.07.17) Friday

The first thing Pemmy said when she woke up at 6am, ‘Mummy, I want my daddy.’ Before LOA left for home, Pemmy would always insist that he must bathe her. So, this morning she insisted I bathe her. While bathing her she kept saying, daddy doesn’t do this or daddy does it this way. I […]

Day 13 (26.07.17) Wednesday

Hungarians love beer. When I visited Paris some years back, I realized that the French love (in order of priority) smoking then public display of affection (PDA-kissing and smooching in public) Okay so for the French, smoking and PDA will tie for first position then drinking beer, second position. Maybe it’s their weather, right? They […]