Day 13 (26.07.17) Wednesday

Hungarians love beer.

When I visited Paris some years back, I realized that the French love (in order of priority) smoking then public display of affection (PDA-kissing and smooching in public)

Okay so for the French, smoking and PDA will tie for first position then drinking beer, second position. Maybe it’s their weather, right? They need to stay close to each other to feel warm or they are just very romantic, right? Well your guess is as good as mine.

In Hungary, drinking beer comes first (They even have their own home-grown fruit whisky called Palinka; probably stronger than Sapele water but sweetened by local fruits) smoking second and PDA third.

Drinking beer starts as early as 7am or before and doesn’t end till late at night. In the evening, you will see people carrying their beer cans as they walk around. One of the mums at the center who is a native of Poland explained that drinking is a culture among former communist countries.

I told LOA that when he leaves for Nigeria (he was leaving the next day) I will try the Hungarian beer (not Palinka) and send him a picture of me drinking it. The man shook his head, (wandering: born-again sister)

I was going to miss LOA being around; for one thing, I would need to keep alert in the buses and trains to ensure I hear the stops and I am not so good with maps. On the other hand, I would take it easy with sightseeing when he goes back. My idea of holiday also includes staying indoors: sleeping, reading a good book and taking ice cream or yogurt.

After we dropped Nimmy off in school, LOA and I with our little Pemmy followed Wendy’s mum to her apartment. Her apartment was less expensive. (though hers is a studio) In case of next time we visit Budapest, we are considering staying there. The apartment was in another district in town, so we took a train number 17. It was a nice cozy place and the air condition was free, lol, but we couldn’t make up our mind whether we would stay there next time.

When booking our present accommodation, we booked a two-bedroom apartment for two weeks. That would be the duration LOA would be around and one-bedroom apartment after he left (one-bedroom apartment in Corvin plaza has a bed- sitter (a convertible seat to a bed) in the sitting room).

When we got to the hotel after Nimmy’s therapy session, the receptionist told us that we would need to check out of our room latest by 10am and check in by 2pm into our new room. That meant only one thing as we could not afford to miss Nimmy’s thearpy, we had to pack all our luggage into the luggage room before leaving for Nimmy’s school.

I would rate the hotel -2% on customer service. The least the hotel should have done was to allow us keep our room till we got back from Nimmy’s school. Then we would have moved from our room to the new room. The receptionist said they had to get our room ready for other guests checking in. As we had no plans of paying for late checking out, we simply complied with the rules. We spent the night packing. We also had to consider how to pack our many bowls of stew, soup and grilled chicken. Hmm…

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