Looking back…..

Looking back at my summer break cum Nimmy’s therapy sessions in Budapest, I learnt a lot about life. The good, the bad and the ugly. I realized that human beings were human beings everywhere; though our culture, race and colour may be different. I realized that as human beings we are limited in our perspective […]

16.08.17 (Wednesday)

Life sometimes gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Going to the airport this morning I made sure I had enough money to wrap three bags and more. On getting to the airport, there was a concierge company available (men who would help you carry your luggage to the collection center) at the […]

15.08.17 (Tuesday)

There are times in life you discover that you don’t value what you have until you lose it. Budapest has the best transportation network I have ever seen. Several years back, you wouldn’t see so much traffic in Dubai but in recent times, the traffic has become gangster. The transportation system relies heavily on taxis. […]

14.08.17 (Monday)

I must say, compared to Corvin hotel in Budapest, customer service at Rove Hotel is excellent, 100%. Looking for a beautiful and affordable hotel near Dubai mall, downtown, don’t look further, try Rove hotel. Breakfast was 6:30am -10:30am. We finally dragged ourselves downstairs at past nine. (Early hours of the morning after we got to […]

13.08.17 (Sunday)

Check out time was 10am. Peace had prepared party jollof rice for breakfast; yeah, it was delicious. I ensured our bags got downstairs a few minutes before 10am. Yesterday afternoon after paying 7,200 forints for our transfer car to the airport, I was asked to pay an additional 3,300 forints (to change from a car […]

Day 30 (12.08.17) Saturday

I woke up with my mind made up. I was going to buy the pashmina shawls from the souvenir market. I had bought some from Mr. Henry earlier and he gave me discounts. I was relying on the fact that he would still give me the same discount this time around. However, I still didn’t […]

Day 29 (11.08.17) Friday

Today I woke up very happy; last day at Peto. Hurray! I was tired and ready to go back home. three days ago one of my favorite mums in the group had approached me that she wanted to leave the next day because her kids at home were really missing her. I asked her if […]

Day 28 (10.08.17) Thursday

A holiday is never complete without shopping. Even though this trip was mainly for Nimmy, we had to make the best of it; catch some fun and also include a little shopping. On past trips, I would buy things that I see at the malls that look lovely. The truth is, a lot of things […]

Day 27 (09.08.17) Wednesday

This morning, I woke up with a burden on my heart. I remembered a story about late Dr. Frank Gunsaulus and his famous sermon that got him a million dollars. The late Frank W. Gunsaulus was a beloved educator and clergyman. While he was going through college, he observed many defects in the educational system, […]

Day 26 (08.08.17) Tuesday

Pemmy and Nimmy woke up feeling much better today. I decided I would take Nimmy and Peace to school and bring Pemmy home to sleep. I was really convinced that their young bodies were exhausted from all the stress, activities and humid weather. Probably the swimming also made them more exhausted. Going to Nimmy’s school […]

Day 25 (07.08.17) Monday

When I woke up this morning, I placed the back of my palm on Pemmy’s neck, forehead and arm; it wasn’t hot nor warm, it was simply cool to the touch. Praise God. I had very little night rest…it wasn’t the best of nights. Let me backtrack a little bit. When we got back from […]