Day 26 (08.08.17) Tuesday

Pemmy and Nimmy woke up feeling much better today. I decided I would take Nimmy and Peace to school and bring Pemmy home to sleep. I was really convinced that their young bodies were exhausted from all the stress, activities and humid weather. Probably the swimming also made them more exhausted.

Going to Nimmy’s school every morning, we always board a train to Szell Kalmal then board a bus to Peto Institute. This morning, when we boarded a bus at Szell Kalmal, I sat beside an Indian lady, very pretty, probably in her early twenties. She looked at Pemmy and I, she smiled and asked which country I was from. I told her Nigeria (I was wondering why she was being very nice) Then she smiled and said she used to live in Nigeria, in fact Abuja. She also attended a University in Abuja. I was surprised so I asked for an explanation. She said her father used to work for the government in Abuja. He had left the country but he still goes to Nigeria regularly. I asked her what she was doing in Budapest. She said she was studying Medicine. She hoped to major in Neurology but she had a long way to go.

Then I understood why she was so friendly (apart from the fact that she may naturally be a friendly person); she had been to and lived in Africa. She understood that we don’t live on trees because we are not monkeys. She knew that on the streets of Lagos and Abuja you get to see the latest brands of cars in the world. She knew there were a lot of beautiful and ultramodern houses in my country and you won’t find huts in our cities as depicted by pictures in magazines begging for funds to feed starving African children.

She had schooled in our University and mingled with intelligent minds. She had probably attended our parties and has seen the glamour in full glory (certainly not some half naked men and women holding spears and dancing before the fire, chanting war songs and eating human flesh- cannibals, as depicted in English story books)

Yes, there are many problems in Africa but come to think of it, there are problems everywhere in the world; it just comes in different shades and colour. I included a few pictures of Lagos at night.


After dropping Nimmy along with Peace at school, I came back home with Pemmy and we both slept for two hours without interruption; mummy was also very tired.

By midday everyone was back to normal. I felt bad not trusting that God had healed Pemmy when I prayed. The fact that it didn’t manifest immediately didn’t mean that God did not hear.

I also thanked God for destiny helpers. After Nimmy was abused by her Physiotherapist, the first thing I did was to change her care giver and also the home nanny. It was hard to trust anyone again. Either my husband or myself had to be home at one time or the other. We just couldn’t take chances anymore but you know it’s not easy to take care of little ones alone especially if you have a child with special needs who is totally dependent.

Getting good care givers became a prayer point. The truth is we all need support systems; if you do not want to become frustrated and exhausted. God brought two ladies into our lives. God bless them as they have practically become family after a short time. One loves to play with children (she follows Nimmy to school) while the other is a manager. Do they have their shortcomings? Yes, they do but so do I. We put in checks and balances in the relationship and everybody knows what is in it for them. My husband happens to be the Chairman and Relationship Manager while I head Internal Control department.

Bringing someone for this trip was totally necessary, when my husband left for Lagos, I won’t have been able to cope with the two of them. Moreover, someone needs to stay with Nimmy during her therapy and another person with Pemmy.

We need people to support us as we go on in life…no man is an Island. My prayer is that God will send destiny helpers into our lives and he will also give us eyes to recognize them when we see them.

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